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Gray screen appears during starting the Mac computer

If you are getting gray screen when you are trying to start the Mac computer, then it may be the harmful situation for the system and stored data. It may be caused by so many reasons such as missing of kernal files, data damage, etc, when you will get this issue then first of all shut down the system. Holds the power button to forcely shut down and then disconnect all the peripheral devices like mouse, keyboard, USB, ethernet cables, etc. and then start the Mac system. If the problem is continues, then you have to fix it from different process that have explained as below.


You have to start the MAC computer is safe boot. To do this, shutdown the system and then press the power button and immediately press and hold the shift key to start the safe boot startup. It will take some times because it includes the disk check and other tasks. When the system will start, then you have to use disk utility program to fix this issue. To open the disk utility menu go to the applications and then click on utilities and finally open the disk utility program from here. This is the default tool of Mac operating system that repair the hard drive and fix the damage or missing files.

When the disk utility program will open then run it and check all the errors and also fix it. When the disk utility process becomes completed, then restart the computer through the process. Now you will see the gray screen not appears on the screen during startup. You can also use the Mac data recovery tool to fix these types of issue. The Mac data recovery software has ability to repair the disk and recover all types of damaged or deleted data due to any reason. It supports all formats of data recovery and provide the choosing feature through which you will capable to recover only important data.