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Easy Way to Recover Mac Data After Re-installation

Mac OS has been considered as one of the most reliable and efficient operating system among all the available OS. Although it is very beneficial but still sometimes Re-installation becomes very vital for the system. Actually Re-installation is a process of installing the operating system of the system once again. In this process the entire hard drive is formatted,re-partitioned and a new copy of the OS is installed into the system. There are several responsible due to which the users have to re-install Mac OS onto their system like- hard drive crashes,corruptions of Mac OS files, upgrading of Mac OS,to increase the system speed etc. Regarding all these purposes Re-installation is necessary. Although this Re-installation process it is quite simple and recovers the users from numerous troubles but still it it having some drawbacks.


It causes loss of the user's personal files,music,videos,photos,documents etc. Actually at the time of Re-installation two options are provided to the users- 'Archive and Install' and 'Erase and Install'. In the case of selecting the option 'Erase and Install' the user would surely end up losing all their files and folders and in the case of 'Archive and Install',if the installation fails because of some error then the users also lose all their data because of inaccessibility of volumes. In both the cases there is chances of losing the information and after the lose of vital information it becomes very hectic for the users to recover their lost data. Therefore to recover all their lost data,it is advised to use "free Mac data recovery software". This tool is embedded with numerous effective algorithmic skills which are eligible of helping the users a lot in recovering and regaining all the lost data after Mac OS re-installation.

"free Mac data recovery software" is very compatible with almost all the latest Mac OS versions like Mac Leopard,Mac Lion,Mac Snow Leopard etc. To use "free Mac data recovery software",user have to follow the below given instructions :-

  • Firstly user should disconnect the affected hard drive and attach it to a healthy Mac computer as a secondary drive.
  • Then user should download and install "free Mac data recovery software" to that healthy computer.
  • After that in order to restore all the lost data from Mac volumes user should choose 'Volume Recovery' option form the main window.
  • Then the application will display the present physical disks. From them user have to select the slave drive from which data is to be recovered.
  • In the next step all the volumes / partitions present in the selected hard drive before Re-installation are displayed on the next window. From them user should choose the one which holds their important files.
  • Then from the next window user may also select the desired file type which they need to recover.
  • Then in order to avoid the unwanted files and to save the disk space user should select the files with the help of distinct view types.
  • Then the user should preview the recovered files.
  • After that the user should store all the recovered files to the desired location.

Hence,in order to recover all the lost data due to Re-installation quickly,the use of "free Mac data recovery software" is the most suitable option for the users.